Sardilli Produce & Dairy will begin to offer curbside pickup at our facility on Wednesday. During these unprecedented times, Sardilli Produce doesn't want members of our community to worry about sourcing food or the safety involved. Our boxes below will contain a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for you and your loved ones. Each week we will change the ingredients. 

1. Choose which box you would like to purchase below and how many of those boxes.

2. Choose your pick-up time slot.

3. Payment method.

4. Receive your email confirmation. 


Once you arrive at our location, please pull up to the check in area. You will be greeted by a staff member who will ask for your last name and order number.  For your safety and the safety of our employees, please stay in the vehicle. We will have you proceed to the pickup area and one of our employees will place the box in your vehicle. 

All Sales are final and the commodities in the box can not be substituted. 


Due to the freshness of these items boxes cannot be carried into the following week.  If boxes are not picked up by the end of the week Sardilli Produce will donate all boxes to the local food bank or to essential workers. 

Thank you for supporting us, our farms and our employees,

The Sardilli Family

Pick up for Wednesday Sept 30th is now open.


DINNER BOX - SOUTHWEST STREET TACO DINNER BOX - This box is going to be awesome! The perfect combination of Carnitas, Tortillas, Corn Salad, Roasted Peppers & Onions, Rice and Churros

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We are excited to feature Take 5 Cookery in this week's dinner Box. Take 5 is located in the Gold building in downtown Hartford. With the recent closing of office space in downtown Hartford their business has declined. Kevin and his wife Lisa have done a fabulous job creating an unbelievable Southwest Street Taco Dinner box for you this week. This box is going to be awesome. (see more details on below on Take 5 and Sardilli's approach to helping downtown restaurants)

Starter -

  • Chips & Fresh Cantina Salsa

Dinner -

  • Mexican Slow Braised Carnitas. Pork soaked in Fresh Orange Juice, Cinnamon, Pioncillo (sugar cane), onions & Garlic.
  • Mexican Street Corn
  • Rajas Saute /Roasted to perfection - Red Peppers, Poblano Peppers and Onions
  • Lime Rice
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Borrachos - (Drunken) Roasted Beans with Cotija Cheese

Dessert -

  • Churros ( 4 each)

Sides of Kevin's house made lime Cream and Kevin's Jalapeno Sauce

  • As you are aware, Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on the restaurant industry. Over the past several weeks, our decision to add dinner boxes to our list of offerings was not only to help you and your families enjoy a prepared meal, it was also to help our customers who are suffering immensely from this pandemic. Hartford area restaurants were hit particularly harder than other restaurants as they depend on the thousands of employees who commute to Hartford each day. Because of Covid 19, most of these employees are now working from home and not dining in our capitol city.
  • This week our long time customer Take 5 Cookery which opened in 2002 in Hartford’s Gold Building, is a restaurant and caterer known for its classically produced gourmet cuisine. Husband and wife team Kevin and Lisa, are excited to show all of you there culinary talents. For those of you who do not know there are normally 2,500 employees in the Gold Building, since the pandemic there are now less than 300. It has been very difficult for Kevin and Lisa over the last 6 months and Sardilli Produce & Dairy would like to show them our support. This week they are offering a Southwest Street Taco Box. Please purchase a dinner box to help support a Hartford Restaurant. Kevin and Lisa are extremely grateful for this opportunity.
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